Annette Markham


Annette Markham is Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark & Affiliate Professor of Digital Ethics in the School of Communication at Loyola University, Chicago. She holds a PhD in organizational communication (Purdue University, 1998), with a strong emphasis in interpretive, qualitative, and ethnographic methods. She researches how identity, relationships, and cultural formations are constructed in and influenced by digitally saturated socio-technical contexts. Her pioneering work in this area is well represented in her first book Life Online: Researching real experience in virtual space (Altamira 1998).  Annette is internationally recognized for developing epistemological frameworks for rethinking ethics and qualitative methods for digitally-saturated social contexts. Her more recent work considers how social research and interaction design influence future human possibilities. Her writing can be found in a range of international journals, handbooks, and edited collections.

Featured posts

Visual Culture, Visual Methods: PhD course (again! 2015!)

Explore visual culture and methods with us! To enact and explore ideas about visual culture, visual methods, and aesthetic futures, we build the course around the Northside music festival in Aarhus. The course begins two days prior to the festival, when we’ll meet in a classroom environment. Then, during the festival we will use the festival as a laboratory for different types of empirical studies. We will focus on the exploration of how visual impressions and expressions, including digital visual media (such as Instagram, mobile camera, website) interweaves with (maybe reinforces, maybe contradicts?)the participant’s experience of the music festival.

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Looking under methods: An experiment in play

Share Understanding the strength of interpretive qualitative inquiry requires going back to the basic question: What do we actually DO when we engage in qualitative inquiry? I’ve been writing about this in other blog posts.  In the first of this 4-part series, I...

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What is Remix? A research method oriented sketch

Share[this post continues discussion from previous posts:] Remix as a lens for qualitative methods Complications of social (research) contexts in the 21st Century Remix is a term that came into usage in the late 20th century to refer to the practice and product of...

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